On this page, we have compiled some of our most useful programs and resources for energy and energy-adjacent companies working to achieve alignment around a comprehensive strategy for energy transition. You will find a descriptions of workshops and resources for your management team that will introduce new ideas to incorporate into your energy transition decision making.

Strategic Decisions Group pioneered the science of decision quality (DQ) and is renowned for its expertise in strategic decision making, risk management, and value creation. Through a collaborative, team-based approach, SDG helps its clients find innovative, creative strategies to thrive today, while also helping them build internal competencies and more effective decision-making processes to meet competitive challenges in the future.

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Recent Articles 

Our white paper series addresses the challenges and opportunities present in the transition from fossil fuel. Complete the form to access our two most recent articles. 

ET_cover.jpgCharting the Road to Energy Transition

Committing to a net zero target is not the only viable path. 

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Techniques to Maximize Value from CCUS Decisions

An approach to assess decision quality at every stage of a CCUS project. 

The SDG Energy Transition Webinar Series

Hydrogen Scenarios

Hydrogen Scenario Planning
It's the most abundant element on the planet. Can scenario planning guide your participation in the hydrogen economy?

energy transition

Navigating Energy Transition
The transition to reduce—or eliminate—CO2 emissions is a socio-economic event at unprecedented scale.

deepwater rig

Rapid Deepwater Concept Review

The Concept Select phase of the deepwater stage-gate decision process sets the stage for project value creation. Generating initial, high-quality alternatives is costly and takes time. It is heavily dependent on the knowledge base of the engineering team. SDG has teamed with AI software developer Deep Seed Solutions to offer the Rapid Deepwater Concept Review, a process that leverages the power of advanced analytics and decision science to automatically search for viable concepts, prioritize and evaluate them, and provide rapid directional insights—all within four weeks. 

Framing Workshop

Energy Transition Framing Workshop

SDG brings together key decision makers and stakeholders in a professionally facilitated setting in an Energy Transition Framing Workshop designed to define the problem and foster alignment behind the decision frame. In large organizations, it’s essential to involve important stakeholders—especially opponents—in the decision process, or risk arriving at a conclusion that fails in execution for lack of support. Clarity and alignment at the outset can dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of energy transition decisions.

Hydrogen Scenarios Workshop
Hydrogen Scenario Workshop

A focused workshop can lead the way. Hydrogen is a key element in the energy transition, yet there is significant uncertainty in the evolution of the hydrogen economy. Hydrogen production and distribution at scale will unlock value creation opportunities along the value chain, but realizing the full potential of hydrogen requires overcoming multiple hurdles. Our scenario advisory team will work with you to plan a two-day workshop to develop decision-focused scenarios that can guide strategy development and reveal business implications.